Avaland System Integration

The company Avaland System Integration (Avaland SI) has united highly qualified specialists with deep knowledge and many years of experience in implementing projects in the field of information technology. Avaland SI is a diversified company providing comprehensive services for the design, implementation, support, development and security of corporate information and telecommunication networks, and information system infrastructure.

Close partnerships with the leaders of the world market of advanced technologies and hardware and software tools allow the company to create integration solutions that are optimal in quality, functionality and cost, which give the customer the maximum benefit from using modern technologies to develop and strengthen their own business.



Address: 121357, Moscow, Vereyskaya st., 29A, bld. 1

Phone: +7 (495) 645-2055

E-mail: info@avaland.ru

Working hours: 09:00 - 18:00

The company's employees are certified by the world's leading manufacturers, and have extensive experience in design, construction, installation and commissioning, as well as engineering services, which is confirmed by certificates of admission to work that affect the safety of capital construction facilities No. SRO- С-062-1109-В-7743575354-07102015 dated 10/07/2015 issued by SRTS “StroySvyazTelecom” and SRO-P-043-119-R-7743575354-12102015 dated 10.10.2015 from the SROS “ProjectSvyazTelecom”.

Our company adheres to an integrated and systematic approach to the tasks and requirements of the customer, which involves the provision of a full range of services and the implementation of all necessary work during the implementation of the project. To ensure the highest quality of solutions, the company's specialists, including with the involvement of technical specialists from equipment manufacturers, carry out the modeling of the proposed solutions based on their own testing laboratory. The solutions and equipment supplied by the company are provided with professional technical support.

The quality, resiliency and competitiveness of the solutions created lies at the heart of Avaland SI's long-term partnership with the Russian representative offices of foreign companies, banks, industrial enterprises and commercial organizations focused on building and maintaining information infrastructure at the level of existing international standards.

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